Learn To Love Web Scraping With Semalt – The Best Web Image Scrapers Ever

There are numerous web scrapers for both personal and commercial usage. The web scraping tools like Google Web Scrapers, Outwit Firefox extension and YahooPipes are good to get started with, but if you are looking for some complicated web image or data scrapers, you may try the following programs:

Content Grabber:

Content Grabber is an enterprise-level image scraping tool, which is easy to use, incredibly powerful and scalable. Content Grabber has all the specifications that you need to scrape text and images. This tool can easily handle different websites, ranging from private blogs to news outlets and travel portals. Content Grabber is known for its web crawling functionalities, built-in integration with Dropbox, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. Moreover, it is capable of extracting images to any database and includes the custom data features. Its visual editor has the simple and user-friendly interface, and this program will automatically detect and configure the commands. Content Grabber will facilitate you with improved image quality and decreased development efforts.


HarvestMan is a high-quality web image scraper written in Python language. This tool can be used to download different types of content and images from the internet, according to the user-specified rules. The latest version of this program supports more than 50 languages and different customization options. HarvestMan is a powerful console that can cope with all types of websites. It comes both in free and premium versions, and you can choose your favorite one based on your requirements and business nature.


Using this tool, you can easily extract data and images from any website. Of course, you will have to install its latest version to get the things done. Scraperwiki is a famous program that encourages journalists, webmasters, and programmers to turn online information to legitimate datasets. It is easy to use, and you don't need to learn Python, PHP, and Ruby to get your images extracted from different online sources.


Scrappy is a powerful and one of the most famous web image scrapers on the internet. It is a high-profile program that comes both in free and premium versions. Using Scrapy, you don't need to learn different coding languages, and it is used to mine data and monitor the quality of images in a better way.


Various companies, from private news agencies to government organizations, give preference to Needlebase. It is one of the best and most famous web image scrapers on the internet. It turns your unorganized and unstructured data into searchable and readable information. It will also direct you on how to structure the data and how to extract useful information from particular images and videos. The documentation for Needlebase is well written so that you get quality results without any need for codes.

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